Below are several frequently asked questions with answers for anyone that may be interested in working for Airport Terminal Services Canadian Company (ATS) in Vancouver.

What are the starting pay rates for ramp positions in Vancouver?  The starting pay rates are as follows:

  • Ramp Agent- $15.00 per hour.
  • Ramp Crew Chief- $18.00 per hour.
  • Ramp Supervisor- $20.00 per hour. 

We will also be offering an additional $2.00/hour to any eligible new hires in Vancouver that meet all the following criteria:

  1. Date of hire with ATS before January 1, 2018
  2. Must have a valid RAIC (no escorting required) with the Vancouver airport on their date of hire
  3. Must have airport approval to drive equipment on the tarmac (AVOP)
  4. Must be in good standing.

ATS offers several incentive pay plans to reward employees for desired performance and behavior.  A summary of the incentive plans below.


Employee Referral Bonus:

Employees may earn $100 (less applicable taxes) for referring applicants to Airport Terminal Services.  NO LIMIT. Applies to all non-salaried employees.


Found on Arrival Bonus:

Employees may earn $100 (less applicable taxes) for finding aircraft damage upon the aircraft’s arrival.  Applies to all non-salaried employees.


Armed Door Discovery Bonus :

Employees may earn $50 (less applicable taxes) for finding a door that was not properly disarmed the flight crew upon aircraft’s arrival.  Applies to all non-salaried employees.


Ideas That Fly:

A Suggestion Program whereby employees may earn up to $10,000 (less applicable taxes) for offering suggestions that are implemented which positively impact the company.



ATS has zero tolerance for pilferage. An employee can earn $1,000 reward if they witness and provide information that leads to the involuntary separation of an ATS employee that was pilfering from ATS, a co-worker, customer or passenger.


Safety Always:

Each of the 4 ATS Teams will draw 3 names from the qualified pool and award 3 employees with a $100 bonus each month. To qualify for the drawing employees, need to have received a “Way to Go”, for demonstrating safe work behaviors.


Security Test:

This program rewards employees when Security tests our operation and the test is passed.

Employees are eligible for an annual pay increase on their anniversary date.


ATS offers the following PTO plans: vacation, sick, and bereavement.  ATS offers the following insurance benefit plans: supplemental health, vision, dental (fulltime only), life, AD&D, EAP and long-term disability.  A summary of the benefits: (Click Here)


Fulltime status is when an employee has a regular schedule of at least thirty-three (33) hours in a workweek.  An employee with a regular schedule less than thirty-three (33) hours is considered part-time.

Yes, ATS pays the parking fees for employees.  For employees that utilize public transportation, ATS has a different arrangement in lieu of parking.

ATS pays employees on a bi-weekly basis, with pay day every other Friday.  All new employees are asked to complete a direct deposit form with the financial institution of their choice.

Yes, ATS will host a career fair for interested individuals.  The date will be communicated once confirmed.

Persons who are in good standing need apply.